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Health benefits of drinking pure water are enormous; we all know that our human body is made up of 70% of water. The water is the main thing that helps in carrying the nutrients that we regularly intake by our food. Drinking water has a number of benefits rather than just quenching the thirst; it helps in keeping you young. Drinking water helps in keeping your skin moisturized and helps in reducing the fine lines and the wrinkles that are present in the skin. It also helps in losing weight this is because the water helps in decreasing the feel of getting hungry therefore you will not eat more.

Hence it reduces the weight gradually when you intake more amount of water. Thus, drinking water is beneficial in many ways, taking pure water is more important so that you can reduce any kinds of unnecessary health issues. And however, as the water reservoirs are getting contaminated because of the pollution in the environment, it is obvious to possess an RO water purifier in your home. One such largest selling water purifier is the Countertop Water Filter which works on having four stages of advanced filtration technique.

The four stages of advanced filtering:

The Countertop Water Filter purifies the water by using four stages which are as follows:

• Sediment filter- this filter has the unique pore structure that helps in trapping the smaller particles that are present in the water. It helps in removing the dirt and rust effectively.

• Activated carbon filter- this helps in removing the chemical residues such as pesticides and also absorbs the odor effectively.

• RO membrane- The reverse osmosis membrane helps in purifying the water that contains the contaminants.

• High-quality alkaline filter- this is helpful in adding beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium to the water which helps in getting the best taste. It also increases the alkalinity, therefore, one can get the healthy water that has the pH level of up to 7 to 8.

Thus, if you are aware of the reverse osmosis water then it is guaranteed that you are giving your family a large number of benefits like it adds taste to the water, adds health to it and more. This countertop purifier is manufactured in such a way that it works on based on the Zip’s patented technology. The technology has more advantages that are as follows:

• It is not necessary to waste your precious time in waiting for long lasting filtering process, this countertop purifier is very fast and clean and healthy.

 • The water after the purification is free from BPA and hence it is healthier than any other types of the purifier.

• As it is made up of the Zip technology it uses only 24W of power which is more than enough to run the reverse osmosis filter. Thus, it is more efficient than any other kinds of purifiers.

• It is designed in a great model; therefore, you will definitely get the royal look in your kitchen when you fix this.

• The filter will automatically alert you on when to change the filters. In general, it takes 12 months.

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